Landlord caught on video calling former NFL player the N-word after he asked to test his building for mold

According to Local 10 News, a commercial landlord in South Florida was caught on video shouting racial slurs at a former NFL player who had asked him to test the property for mold.

"A witness’s video recorded in March and released on Wednesday shows a man yelling racist slurs at former NFL player and Virginia Tech alum Jadon James Gayle in Miami," reported Joseph Ojo and Annaliese Garcia. "Gayle, the director of business development at the Infinity Sports Institute, identified the man as the landlord of his employer’s commercial space at 161 NE 24 St. Gayle said the man was 'very aggressive' and told a Hispanic woman who was near him 'go go and eat [expletive]' beans and rice."

In the video, he could be heard shouting that the real problem is that "all you n****rs smoke marijuana."

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"Since the conflict escalated, Hector Maradiaga, the chief executive officer of Infinity Sports Institute, released a statement on Thursday saying he had retained an attorney to seek legal action," said the report. "'It is appalling, disgusting, and hurtful to see one of our team members be treated as such,' Maradiaga said adding the institute’s priority is to create 'an inclusive, safe, and private environment' for both clients and employees."

“I definitely am worried about retaliation,” Gayle told Local 10. “I have been worried about retaliation whenever I go to my car. I don’t necessarily know, is he going to do something to me? Is he coming back?”

This comes amid a number of other highly-publicized incidents involving racial slurs, including by officials in public schools around the country.

Video shows Miami landlord yelling racial slurs at former NFL player