Watch: Tense scene unfolds as armed leftists confront Neo-Nazis at Texas drag show

A protest at an all-ages drag show in Texas turned into a confrontation between neo-Nazis and left-wing gun groups this Saturday, The Dallas Morning News reported.

The protest at the Texas Trust CU Theatre was organized by Protect Texas Kids in response to a holiday-themed show featuring performances by cast members of the “RuPaul’s Drag Race" TV show. Protect Texas Kids is a group trying to ban children from viewing such shows that has staged similar protests outside all-ages drag shows around the country.

As The Morning News points out, the Christian nationalist New Columbia Movement and the neo-fascist American Nationalist Initiative also showed up to the protest.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation, and heavily armed members of the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club, were on scene to counter the right-wing protesters.

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"As doors opened to the drag performance, 10 members of the neo-Nazi Aryan Freedom Network marched in formation toward the public area in front of the theater," The Morning News reported. "One member of the group carried a flag bearing the Totenkopf skull-and-bones insignia of the Schutzstaffel, Adolf Hitler’s paramilitary organization which operated at the height of Nazi atrocities during World War II. Another wore patches with a swastika and Confederate flag.

Several carried signs with homophobic slurs, various Nazi insignia and the website URL for a white-power organization."

"The group’s arrival immediately ratcheted tensions as the neo-Nazis, some of whom were carrying concealed weapons, faced off against the armed leftist group separated by several Grand Prairie police officers," the report stated.

Some attendees of the drag show walked over to confront the neo-Nazis, prompting one neo-Nazi to refer to a mixed-race couple as a “[expletive]-lover.” Another man was called several anti-Hispanic slurs.

Watch video below or at this link.

Read the full report over at The Dallas Morning News.