Texas woman undergoes 'nightmare' after being denied abortion for fetus with over 90% chance of dying
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Republican efforts to limit abortion rights after the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade have resulted in a nightmare for a 25-year-old woman in Texas.

"At a recent ultrasound, a 25-year-old woman, excited to be 15 weeks pregnant with her first child, found out devastating news," KTRK-TV reported. "Her family says doctors told them there's more than a 90% chance the baby will not survive the pregnancy as she has fetal hydrops condition, which is an abnormal accumulation of fluid, as well as Turner syndrome, and other genetic abnormalities."

The woman's mother and sister spoke to the station under the condition their identities were not revealed.

The woman's mother told the station, "they were told that, normally, somebody that would be getting this kind of news would immediately go have an abortion."

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The woman's sister described it was "really traumatizing" and said, "it's been a nightmare for us as a family."

Under Texas law, abortions are now illegal past six weeks.

"The family says they are also concerned about the health of the mother as doctors believe she may be developing what they call Mirror syndrome, which is rare and potentially life-threatening," the network reported. "In addition, she is also dealing with severe swelling, high blood pressure, and liver enzymes more than double what they should be."

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