The View gets heated as Kellyanne Conway refuses to answer questions about her allegiance to Trump
Kellyanne Conway answers reporters questions in the White House driveway. (

Kellyanne Conway's appearance on ABC's "The View" almost came to an abrupt end on Tuesday as the former adviser to Donald Trump got into a heated argument with View panelist Alyssa Farah Griffin, who also served in the Trump administration as a spokesperson for the Pentagon as well as former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

What started out as a question from Farah Griffin about why Conway stuck by Trump for so long, quickly turned into Conway -- who is out promoting her new book "Here's the Deal: A Memoir" -- attacking Farah Griffin and Meadows with a succession of snippy comments as the two talked over each other.

That in turn led to accusations from View panelists complaining that Conway was not answering Farah Griffin's questions and host Whoopi Goldberg threatening to end the segment.

In the middle of it all, Conway insisted, "Of course, for four years we had a heck of a lot better in this country, we had energy independence, we didn't have inflation," after she was asked why former president Trump didn't come out and say, "Don't hang my vice president."

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You can watch the blow-up below:

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