Republicans in The Villages charged with voting twice were exposed by internet user named ‘totes legit votes’: report

New information is coming to light on the arrest of three registered Republicans in The Villages retirement community in Florida.

WKMG-TV obtained new documents on the case from Florida State Attorney Bill Gladson which show an internet user named "Totes Legit Votes" alerted officials in multiple states.

The user, who described themselves as a “citizen election integrity analyst," sent an email listing to more than a dozen voters in both Florida and Michigan.

“Hello Florida and Michigan! I was looking at voter data between your two states and I noticed a couple records that seem similar," the email said.

"Totes Legit Votes" told the station they reported more than 800 instances of irregularities.

After an investigation, Jay Ketcik, 63, Joan Halstead, 71, and John Rider, 61, were arrested.

Ketcik voluntarily meet with Dan Marshall, an investigator with the State Attorney’s Office, and claimed he did not "willfully" vote twice and said his Michigan ballot “got mailed by mistake.”

"Ketick signed and dated the Michigan ballot envelope on September 30, more than two months after selling his Michigan home, according to a copy of the envelope obtained by prosecutors," the network reported. "The envelope containing the Michigan ballot was postmarked in Orlando on October 3, investigators said. "The following day, Ketcik signed and dated a Florida vote-by-mail ballot envelope, records show. The ballot’s envelope was postmarked in Orlando on October 10."

Halstead turned herself in and Rider was arrested at the Royal Caribbean cruise ship terminal in Port Canaveral.