Tennessee alderman caught on camera yelling racial slurs -- for the second time this year
Portland, Tenn. Alderman Thomas Dillard

A Tennessee elected official was caught on camera for the second time this year using racial slurs against his neighbor.

Body camera video shows Thomas Dillard, a Portland alderman, making racist threats against Edwin Campos, who is Puerto Rican, after he called police to complain about noise from the Campos family, reported WSMV-TV.

"Something's got to give," Dillard says in the video, and a woman standing nearby cautions him to be quiet. "Or, you can get him over here, out in the road, across this property line."

The officer then warns him to "hold up," and police went to speak to the Campos family, and the incident report shows Dillard called them "porch monkeys" from his own side porch.

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"He’s also screamed out racial profanities,” an officer tells the Campos family in the video.

Police then returned to Dillard's property and told him to stop slurring his neighbors, and the alderman pretended not to know what they were talking about.

"Racial profanity?" he says in the video. "What is that?"

An officer tells him that could be considered disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct, and warns Dillard he could go to jail if he did it again -- and he orders police off his property.

“Get the f*ck off my property,” Dillard tells the officer. “Get out of here, dude!”

Dillard was not cited in that incident, which took place in August, but he faced calls to resign in February after admitting to using racial slurs against Campos in a dispute over dogs that live in the area.

"I called him the n-word, I ain't going to lie," Dillard told police at that time. "It might not be good to say with these cameras, but I'm ready to get this over with, man."