'We're under attack': Texas elections administrator details violent threats from pro-Trump election deniers
"Vote here" sign to direct voters to the polling place (Shutterstock).

An elections administrator in Bexar County, Texas says that she and her colleagues feel constantly under siege from pro-Trump election deniers who are accusing them of rigging the 2020 race against the former president.

In an interview with local news station KSAT, Bexar County Elections Board Chairman Jacque Callanen detailed how suspicious Trump supporters have flooded her office with not only threats, but also unreasonable records requests that could force the office to hire more people just to handle them.

“We’re under attack,” Callanen said. “Threats, meanness, ugliness.”

Callanen also detailed the kind of records request that election deniers are making, and she pointed to one group asking for "every mail ballot, every mail ballot application, every mail ballot envelope from the 2020 election."

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Another group cited by Callanen, meanwhile, has demanded that her office hand over the source code for the county's election equipment.

She explained that when her office tells these groups their requests "can't happen" then the violent rhetoric "ramps up again."

Jeff McManus, the new chair of the Republican Party of Bexar County, defended Callanen's integrity in an interview with KSAT.

“I’m looking forward to this full engagement with Jacque to see how this election is run, and work with her, and help her as best I can to assuage any concerns that the population has regarding the quality and the fairness and the respect that our election process deserves,” he said.