Stunned TMZ hosts live-react to Ye's meltdown: 'Kanye West is ranting about Hitler'
TMZ/screen grab

As Ye ranted to Alex Jones about his "love" for Adolf Hitler, stunned TMZ hosts reacted live on the air.

"Kanye West, who as we speak is on Alex Jones's InfoWars," host Harvey Levin said at the top of the show, "is off the rails."

"He's saying a lot about Hitler," Levin's co-host agreed, "about Nazis and praising them, which of course coming on the heels of the anti-Semitic rants he's been on for more than a month is — it's just disturbing."

"This has been going on for more than an hour," a stunned Levin added. "And we have no idea how long this is going to keep going. But Nick Fuentes, the white supremacist, is right by his side as Kanye West is ranting about, you know, Hitler."

"He said the Nazis invented the highways and microphones," he remarked.

Levin later suggested that Ye might need to return to a mental health facility, calling the interview his "downfall."

Watch the video below from TMZ. You can also watch at this link.