'Coward' GOP Sen. Todd Young blasted for flip-flopping on infrastructure bill after threat from Trump
Indiana GOP Sen. Todd Young with former president Donald Trump aboard Air Force One (Office of Senator Todd Young)

Republican Indiana Sen. Todd Young announced Sunday he plans to vote against a bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, even though he initially supported it, after former President Donald Trump threatened to withhold endorsements from incumbent GOP lawmakers who back the measure.

Last week, Young called the bill a "historic investment" and said "Indiana understands the need for federal investment in our crumbling infrastructure," according to a report from the Indy Star.

But in the wake of Trump's threat on Saturday — "It will be very hard for me to endorse anyone foolish enough to vote in favor of this deal," the former president said — Young had a change of heart.

"Having reviewed the Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) estimated fiscal impact of this legislation as currently constructed, and frankly still not being comfortable with a number of the Democratic priorities contained in this version, I will vote 'no,'" Young said in a statement Sunday.

Democratic groups in Indiana slammed the decision, calling it "sad but predictable" that Young "would put his own re-election first over the needs of Hoosiers that he claims to represent."

"This is classic Todd Young," Indiana Democratic Party executive director Lauren Ganapini said. "He consistently promises Hoosiers one thing, but changes course when it matters most."

One Democrat and one Republican have filed to run for Young's seat, and Trump has not yet endorsed the incumbent.

Thomas McDermott, a Democrat who is reportedly considering running for Young's seat, said: "He (Young) is suddenly claiming the bill is too expensive for him to support. But this excuse rings hollow when you consider that Sen. Young voted for every pork-filled bill that came his way during President Trump's administration, resulting in a whopping $8 trillion increase in our national debt."

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