Here's why Trump's longtime friend Tom Barrack could flip on the former president

President Donald Trump's top ally and fundraiser Tom Barrack was indicted last week on charges of working as a foreign agent for the United Arab Emirates. But a conversation between former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner and NBC News reporter Pete Williams revealed why Barrack could be the one to flip on the president.

Kirschner remarked that the indictments around Trump are stacking up.

"If we pull back to 30,000 feet is that the indictment circle is potentially tightening," said Kirschner. "You have Allen Weisselberg, long-time Trump ally and business associate, you have Tom Barrack 40-year close friend and ally of Donald Trump. You have Rudy Giuliani not indicted but whose electronic devices have been seized because a federal judge determined that there was likely evidence of a crime in Rudy's electronic devices. One of these individuals has to say at some point I'm done throwing in my chips with Donald Trump, I'm going to begin to cooperate with prosecutors."

He went on to say that it's shocking to him that Trump defends several of his allies, but not Barrack.

"Interesting that Trump has not leapt to the defense of Tom Barrack the way that he did to Rudy Giuliani, Allen Weisselberg and others," Kirschner said. "And hard to read the tea leaves on that, but it is hard to imagine how this won't impact for example the investigation that the D.C. Attorney General is conducting looking into the Trump inaugural committee. That was a case, an investigation that was opened in early 2019."

But it was Williams who explained why Trump may not be rushing to proclaim Barrack's innocence.

"Donald Trump and Tom Barrack had a falling out several months ago," he said. "That's why you're not hearing from Trump. Trump was very unsatisfied with all the news about the potential for foreign contributions to the inauguration."

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle noted that despite the falling out, Barrack still hosted a "thank you" breakfast for Ivanka Trump. Still, that could mean that Barrack is among those to flip on Trump to make a deal.

See the video below:

Why Tom Barrack may be the one to flip on Donald Trump