'Trump is the man': Emails reveal secret back-channel between Tom Barrack and Middle Eastern nations

Prosecutors presented emails showing the former chairman of Donald Trump’s inaugural committee was secretly working to establish a relationship with his administration with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Tom Barrack, a longtime friend of the former president, communicated in 2016 with then-campaign manager Paul Manafort about a speech on energy policy, and one email shown at his federal trial for allegedly operating as a secret foreign agent shows his displeasure that an early draft didn't even mention the UAE or Saudi Arabia, reported the Associated Press.

“Wow. I’m just stunned by how bad this is,” Manafort said in one email.

Manafort responded by saying, “Send me an insert that works for our friends.”

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Trump eventually gave a speech that touted “our supportive Gulf allies” and their role in fighting terrorism in the region, and Barrack received an email afterward praising him for doing a “great job.”

Other emails show Barrack indicating that he had urged Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner to elevate Manafort to campaign manager, and additional emails reveal Manafort assuring their Middle Eastern associates that Trump would back off his anti-Muslim rhetoric and promising to set up face-to-face meetings between the candidate and leaders from the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Prosecutors say those nations invested millions of dollars in businesses operated by Barrack as he pressed Trump to embrace the policies they preferred.

“Trump is the man,” Barrack said in another email, suggesting “HH” could pack his bags.

Prosecutors say "HH" refers to "His Highness," or UAE ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and additional emails show Barrack trying to set up a meeting between him and Trump.