'A drunk congressman is rubbing my back': GOP House member hit with sexual misconduct accusation

A New York Republican House member, who is eyeing running for governor should the embattled Andrew Cuomo (D) resign, now has sexual misconduct accusations of his own to deal with according to the Washington Post.

Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) -- an ardent defender of former President Donald Trump -- has been accused by a former lobbyist of being groped by the lawmaker, saying he slipped his hand inside her dress and fumbled with her bra.

Speaking with the Post, Nicolette Davis said she was 25 and a fledgling lobbyist at the time of the incident in 2017.

According to the report, she texted a friend at Aflac that evening, writing, "A drunk congressman is rubbing my back," before adding, "HELP HELP."

The Post reports, "Reed, his hand outside her blouse, briefly fumbled with her bra before unhooking it by pinching the clasp, Davis told The Post. He moved his hand to her thigh, inching upward, she said. Frozen in fear, she said, she asked the person sitting to her right for help. He obliged by pulling the congressman away from the table and out of the restaurant, Davis said."

Reed has disputed her account, the Post reports, with his office issuing a terse statement saying, "This account of my actions is not accurate."

The Post's Beth Reinhard adds, "Davis's account comes at a time when Reed is considering a run against New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D), who is facing calls to resign after multiple women, mostly former state employees, accused him of sexual harassment or other inappropriate behavior. Reed, who has described combating sexual violence and harassment as one of his priorities in Congress, recently argued that Cuomo should be impeached."

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