Trump claims that 'the FBI paid people to "get Trump'" in paranoid late-night Truth Social rant
Donald Trump / Gage Skidmore.

Former President Donald Trump on Sunday night unleashed a paranoid rant about the 2020 election that included unsourced accusations about the FBI being out to get him.

The former president was inspired to write about the 2020 election again after CBS's "60 Minutes" devoted a lengthy segment to the false claims made by Trump and his allies about Dominion Voting Systems, which has filed multiple defamation lawsuits after it was accused of conspiring with the late Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez of stealing the 2020 election.

“'60 Minutes' is not a News Show, it is a Democrat propaganda machine," the twice-impeached former president wrote. "Their story last night on Election Fraud was a JOKE! The evidence is massive, not to even mention that State Legislatures did not grant necessary approvals, the FBI paid people to, essentially, 'get Trump,' and then told Facebook and others that the Laptop from Hell was Russian disinformation, when they knew it was not - and much more."

Trump concluded his rant by attacking some of his own former administration officials for purportedly not doing enough to keep him in power even after he lost the election to President Joe Biden.

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"Barr, Krebs, and the rest of the RINO Establishment, should be ashamed of themselves," he fumed.