'What a failure': MSNBC doctor tears up while announcing US COVID deaths passing 500,000
MSNBC screenshot

Sunday afternoon, MSNBC host Alex Witt interrupted an interview with the victim of racist violence to break the sad news that the COVID-19 death toll broke the 500,000 barrier in the U.S. -- which then led an MSNBC medical analyst to tear up while calling the U.S. government's response to the pandemic a "failure" that didn't need to happen.

Moments after it was reported that the death toll had hit 500,002, Witt told her audience, "We have very sobering moment we need to talk about and that's the fact that across this country we have now hit 500,000 dead Americans as a result of the COVID-19 virus. It's a stunning point to have reached it's not taken that long to reach the last 200,000 numbers."

Bringing in MSNBC medical contributor Dr. Kavita Patel -- whose eyes were already filled with tears -- she asked her for her thoughts.

"So many emotions creeping up," she replied. "500,000 -- that's about 1 in 67 Americans who have died and we probably could have prevented a good number of these."

"I think what's harder to imagine is, I was thinking about the 1918 pandemic and there were about 617,000 deaths," she continued as her voice trembled. "We thought surely our medicine has advanced, we'll never face anything like that and here we are: my children, my grandchildren, there are generations that will say what a failure in some ways our approach to this pandemic has been."

Watch below:

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