'It's a tough sell': Truth Social headed for same fate as Trump Steaks and Trump Vodka

According to a report from the Guardian, Donald Trump's social media platform Truth Social may be headed to the dustbin of history along with other endeavors that the former president launched -- and then abandoned -- like Trump Steaks and Trump Vodka.

As the Guardian's Edward Helmore wrote, tech analysts looking at the highly anticipated roll-out of the site see a continuing series of disasters that have alienated fans of Trump and they may never return putting the future of the site in doubt.

According to Helmore, "Engagement is low, the initial flood of downloads of the app have withered to a trickle and the first resignations of its top staff have begun. It’s too soon to tell if it’s a stiff, but as with many Trump businesses that fail to take off, the former US president appears to be washing his hands of it: he has barely used it."

Speaking with analysts, they said the prognosis for Truth Social is grim.

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David Carr of SimilarWeb, which has been tracking engagement on the Trump website relayed that Truth Social visitors is stuck at 200,000 daily and "skewed 70% male, compared to 1 million for Gettr. Twitter averages 217 million."

According to Carr, "In the case of Truth Social, Gettr and Parler had already emerged to cater to the same audience Truth Social is going after. So it needed to be 150% better, and so far it hasn’t created great engagement. If Trump had posted a ton of content, and there really was a pent up demand for it, maybe things would have been different.”

Carr added, "Community management professionals I know often talk about the ‘empty party’ problem of how you get the conversation going from a dead stop, and it’s not an easy problem to solve.”

Joshua Tucker, the co-director of the NYU Center for Social Media and Politics, added, "Social media sites are more valuable to you the more people are using them. Like a phonebook, it’s of no value if it only has one name in it. They went after the Maga portion of the population, so they were starting with one hand tied behind their backs. It’s a tough sell, even before the problems of the launch and rollout.”

According to another analyst, those who are using the platform may not be who the former president was seeking.

“Trolls, self-declared and self-made experts, conspiracy theorists, attention-seekers of all stripes”, have swarmed the site explained Mark Federman of the University of Guelph-Humber.

He added, "Trump’s motivation for Truth Social was to … take control of his voice amplification. That’s failed, so he’s had to admit defeat."

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