GOP slammed for knowingly foisting 'election-denying cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs monsters' on the voters
Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Herschel Walker speaks to supporters of former President Donald Trump during a rally at the Banks County Dragway on March 26, 2022, in Commerce, Georgia. - Megan Varner/Getty Images North America/TNS

In her column for the Bulwark, conservative commentator and former Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) adviser Amanda Carpenter both applauded and scorched campaign staffers working for Georgia's U.S. Senate hopeful Herschel Walker for spilling the beans on his lies, incompetency and mental instability.

She applauded them for talking with the Daily Beast in a bombshell report last week while also calling them out for doing so anonymously.

Referring to members of the GOP establishment at "Team Normal," the columnist said they are complicit in saddling conservatives with obviously flawed and terrible candidates like Walker in Georgia, Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania and Eric Greitens in Missouri while knowing full well they should never hold office.

"Just as they did with former President Trump, instead of letting voters see Walker for who he really is, the professional Republican class is devoting itself to coddling the candidate and covering up for him. And when it gets too icky, they dish quotes to their favorite reporters to make themselves feel better about their life choices," she wrote. "These people aren’t stupid enough to believe that their candidates are fit for office; they’re just trying to trick voters into being that dumb."

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Writing "Team Normal is still in the MAGA bunker," she added, "They don’t care if their lying, no-good candidates turn out to be election-denying cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs monsters. They did it once and everything worked out fine. The republic didn’t fall. They got their Supreme Court justices and their Dobbs verdict. So now they’re doing it again."

Carpenter then pointed out the cynicism on display in their efforts.

"And if it all goes sideways this time? Well, you can be sure that the members of Team Normal stand ready to rush into the breach and give some juicy quotes about how terrible everything is to reporters," she wrote before sneering, "As long as it’s on background."

You can read the whole piece here.