'His lawyers are regretting that': Former Trump aide says he made a big mistake this week
Donald Trump. (Screenshot)

On Thursday's edition of CNN's "The Lead," former Donald Trump aide Alyssa Farah discussed how the former president's decision to issue a lengthy statement about his finances earlier this week could cause problems for him, in light of a judge ordering him to testify in New York's civil fraud suit against his family business.

"Let me start with you, because you worked closely with Trump," said anchor Jake Tapper. "Do you think he, or maybe people around him, are regretting that thousand-word statement on Tuesday, in which he talked about how much he did know about his finances?"

"Yeah, I imagine his lawyers are regretting that statement about now," agreed Farah. "I mean, I expect that you're going to see the Trumps try to draw this 21-day period to delay... Ultimately this is going to come down to them all pleading the Fifth."

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"I would note this," she added. "Not only is the retired former president watching this closely from Florida, I would also note that potential 2024 Republican candidates, I believe, are paying very close attention to this. There are many people who are gearing up considering to run, and they're looking for that lane of an opening where Trump is weakened and they could come in as the person. If you're a Mike Pompeo, a Mike Pence, this opens a window to you if it goes further."

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