Netanyahu 'put all of his chips on Donald Trump' — and it was a 'big mistake': Israeli reporter
Trump and Netanyahu AFP / MANDEL NGAN

On CNN Friday, Israeli reporter Barak Ravid discussed the falling out between former President Donald Trump and former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the latter's congratulation of Joe Biden — and suggested their relationship was never as close as they wanted people to think.

"I interviewed Trump twice, once in April and second time in July as part of my work on my book that just came out here in Israel," said Ravid. "And what was interesting in this interview is that it broke the myth that there was this bromance between Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu. And this was a myth that both politicians cultivated for their own domestic politics ... until today, everybody thought they were best friends. And from now on, it is clear this was bull."

"It is not like Netanyahu congratulated [Biden] right away," said anchor Brianna Keilar. "He waited a little while. And I also wonder what you think about the fact that, you know, this sort of shows what Donald Trump, how much personalities obviously he valued here, but also his view of, you know, whether Netanyahu has to acknowledge America is a nation, not just acknowledge America if Donald Trump is in charge."

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"I think this was one of Netanyahu's biggest mistakes, because Bibi put all of his chips on Donald Trump," said Ravid. "And basically took Israel from the position that it was a bipartisan issue, that both Republicans and Democrats supported, and during those four years of Trump, Israel became a partisan issue. I think that what we see today with those quotes coming out, it is clear how big of a mistake Netanyahu has made."

"Trump felt that Netanyahu over his last year of this presidency, he felt Netanyahu was ungrateful, disloyal, he didn't really want peace with the Palestinians, and that he used him when he ran," said Ravid. "And all of those things are going to be revealed in the coming days with more excerpts from my book published on Axios ... it is not just Bibi congratulating Biden. This was the end. During the last year of Trump and even before there were many, many things that were hidden under the table because it was important for both Trump and Netanyahu to show that there is no daylight, and now we see that there was quite a lot of daylight."

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Barak Ravid says Netanyahu's association with Trump was a "big mistake"