Trump rages at Fox News for not giving him positive coverage
Donald Trump holds a press conference at Trump Turnberry. (

Former President Donald Trump took to his personal social media site on Thursday to complain that his coverage on conservative cable news isn't good enough.

"I’m 'killing' everybody in the Polls, but FoxNews always is able to find an outlier, usually old and non-credible, that makes me look as bad as possible," Trump posted. "They work with the Club For No Growth, and loser’s like Karl Rove, and their Board Member, Paul Ryan — Globalist’s All! In any event, we are winning BIG. MAGA!"

Trump recently stepped up his 2024 election efforts after being criticized for announcing his campaign and then not actually doing any campaigning. Thus far, his fundraising has been anemic and his rallies have been few. Over the weekend, he promised his audience that he was "angry" and ready for a fight, but critics complained he was very "low energy."

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An op-ed in the Wall Street Journal from Karl Rove called the former president a "loser" and argued, "his rambling, hour-long mid-November announcement was widely panned."

Meanwhile, Trump faces a number of legal issues in New York, Georgia and at the federal level.