Watch: George Santos stands in silence as CNN's Manu Raju hounds him for answers
Newly elected Republican Representative from New York George Santos looks on as the US House of Representatives convenes for the 118th Congress at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, January 3, 2023. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP)

The scandals keep piling up for Rep. George Santos (R-NY) and CNN reporter Manu Raju tried unsuccessfully on Thursday to get some answers.

After Santos walked directly into Raju's live shot on Capitol Hill, the CNN reporter turned around and began hounding Santos with questions about allegations that he stole thousands of dollars from a disabled veteran years ago when the veteran was trying to fund his dying service dog's medical care.

"Mr. Santos... did you set up a fake GoFundMe account to try to defraud and cheat a veteran out of $3,000?" Raju asked him. "Sir, can you explain how that happened? Why does he have text messages saying that you set up this fake GoFundMe account? Mr. Santos? You're facing a federal investigation here. This is very serious. Can you explain to your voters and your constituents what happened with this veteran?"

Santos remained totally silent on this topic, so Raju decided to pepper him with questions on some of his other scandals.

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"You have a chance now to clear up the fabrications from your career," Raju said. "You made up where you worked from CitiGroup, Goldman Sachs. Why did you make that up, sir? Can you explain that to voters here? Are you going to resign? Wouldn't it be better for your voters if you resigned your seat in Congress, sir? Mr. Santos?"

At this point, Santos stepped onto an elevator and left Raju behind.

Watch the video below or at this link.

George Santos stands in total silence as reporter hounds him for answers