QAnon plotters behind Arizona audit say it’s ‘first domino to fall’ in overturning Biden’s win: report
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In interviews with AzCentral, QAnon followers were ecstatic about the Arizona election audit that continues to go forward, hoping it will be the first step in proving the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump and giving legitimacy to their claims.

The report notes that the audit has its roots in QAnon, the far-right conspiracy cult that claims the "deep state" is the one pulling the strings in America as part of a worldwide conspiracy.

"Q's influence is not obvious, perhaps as cryptic as Q's postings that claimed the looming takedown of a global cabal, words that spawned the wide-ranging QAnon conspiracy theory, the report states before adding, "Q has been in the background in the aftermath of Election Day, when devotees joined the crowd who rallied outside Maricopa County's election headquarters, aiming to stop the stealing of the election they were certain was happening inside."

The report notes that pressure from QAnon adherents was a major factor that led the state's GOP leadership to get behind the audit being conducted under the watchful eyes of Doug Logan, CEO of Cyber Ninjas.

As one leader of the movement wrote back on June 2, "The audit is The Great Awakening in how we've been manipulated by those that want to control us."

According to one follower, the fact that the audit is actually happening is great news after a year of QAnon predictions -- such as Joe Biden being deprived of the presidency -- have fallen flat.

"The plan is 117 percent still on track and there's no reason to be worried," one adherent exulted with the report noting, "The audit, they say, will prove widespread election fraud here that will lead other states to examine their results, a theory they summarize by saying that Arizona will be "the first domino to fall."

The mention of "dominoes" echoes comments made by Trump confidante and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell who proclaimed in March, "We need one state. They're all going to fall like dominoes."

According to another follower, Larry Grafanakis, 69, who shows up daily to wave signs outside the facility where the ballots are being recounted, the audit is proof to people they are not going away.

"What really matters is that they see that we're still out here and 'Oh my god, they're just not going away.' And that's what we want," he explained.

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