'Get over it': Trump mocked for late night meltdown on Fox
Donald Trump during HBO interview. (Screenshot)

Late Friday night, former president Donald Trump issued a furious statement attacking Fox News, among other media outlets, for reporting there is no evidence of massive voter fraud in Arizona's Maricopa County.

According to the Associated Press, "Arizona county election officials have identified fewer than 200 cases of potential voter fraud out of more than 3 million ballots cast in last year's presidential election, further discrediting former President Donald Trump's claims of a stolen election."

After Fox's Brett Baier made note of the audit findings, the former president sent out a statement that said, in part, "Fox News and other media outlets incorrectly side with the outdated and terrible Maricopa County Election Board to report no fraud found in the Presidential Election. They spew the gross misinformation purposefully put out by the county and the Associated Press, and IGNORE the very important Arizona Senate's hearing yesterday," before adding, "The same anchor at the desk the night Fox called Arizona for Joe Biden now wants you to believe there was no fraud. The anchor was Bret Baier."

The statement was posted by Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington, who uses her Twitter account to post his running commentary since he is banned from the social media platform.

Critics of the president were quick to call on the one-term president to give up his pursuit of overturning the election and move on with his life.

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