'It's delightful': Trump ridiculed by Morning Joe panel after his Arizona audit turns up more votes for Joe Biden
MSNBC screenshot

Reacting to reports out of Maricopa County, Arizona, where the audit of 2020 presidential ballots that Donald Trump requested turned up more votes for President Joe Biden, the co-hosts of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" could barely contain their glee at Trump once more failing to overturn the election.

As co-host Joe Scarbrough succinctly put it, the fact that Trump fell further behind was "delightful."

"Wait, it's delightful, isn't it?" Scarborough told co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist as they smirked and he sarcastically added, "The poor employee of Fox News who had to quit after calling Arizona for Joe Biden. I mean how could he do that. That has been like 87 recounts."

Addressing the pro-Trump Cyber Ninja organization that conducted the audit, he continued, "These Cyber Ninja guys, they come in, in effect to steal the election for Donald Trump and to lie and say the election was stolen and coming up with all the bamboo stuff - at the end of the day, Joe Biden gets more votes. The Cyber Ninjas end up saying 'Oh, wait a second, yeah, Biden not only won but he gets more votes.' This would be like somebody hiring a group of gnarly bank robbers to go in and do a heist of the bank. The bank officials walk in and the gnarly bank robbers are counting the money. 'We have done an audit and you are like actually $10,000 short. We've given you $10,000.' It's the exact opposite of the scam that Trump supporters are trying to set up -- it really is, seriously, you can't make it up."

"You are right, it's unbelievable, " co-host Willie Geist chimed in.

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