Trump's audit 'clown show' isn't close to being over despite flopping in Arizona: CNN reporter

CNN reporter Kyung Lah on Friday didn't mince any words when discussing the disastrous Trump-backed "audit" of the Arizona vote that found that President Joe Biden won Arizona by a bigger margin than the official tallies.

While discussing the audit with host John King, Lah explained that the final Cyber Ninjas report should not at all be taken seriously despite the fact that it shows Biden winning the state.

"I was able to watch this process up close for many months, and it was riddled with absurd problems," she said. "The draft report that we've been able to review is filled with errors and it looks like a lot of misinformation."

She then played an interview she did earlier with Republican Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates, who outlined the dangers behind the "audit" despite the fact that it confirmed Biden's victory.

"We have to continue to tell the truth," he said. "We have to continue to push back against the big lie. Those behind this, they don't have reverence for democracy. They are trying to sow doubts so that down the road they can again question elections if they don't turn out the way they wanted them to."

Lah also noted that Republicans in other states are pushing for similar "audits."

"It may be the clown show is packing up here in Arizona, but it is nowhere near being over anywhere in this country,"" she said.

Watch the video below.

The Arizona audit was a flop -- but Trump's 'clown show' isn't close to being