Legal expert explains how Trump is baiting Alvin Bragg
Donald Trump, Alvin Bragg (Trump photo by Mandel Ngan/AFP, Bragg photo by Alex Kemp/AFP)

Former Manhattan Chief Assistant District Attorney Karen Friedman Agnifilo speculated that Donald Trump's desperation to score donations or attention is all part of a plot to bait District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Speaking to MSNBC's Michael Steele, Agnifilo explained the DA's office appears to be trying to decide whether they need another witness to rebut Robert Costello, who testified to the grand jury to attack the character of Michael Cohen.

"Bob Costello raised some points on behalf of Donald Trump, and you want to make sure that you shore up any doubt or any questions that were raised by him," she explained. "So, I think they're considering whether or not they want to put on a rebuttal witness. They're even thinking about whether or not to indict. This has never been a political prosecution, despite what Donald Trump thinks, and this is always about seeking the truth and following the facts, wherever they lead."

Another thing Agnifilo pointed out was how the DA's office could be struggling over the idea of whether Trump will surrender.

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Speaking to CNN on Sunday, Trump's lawyer Alina Habba was asked if Trump intends to go peacefully. She instead claimed that Trump isn't one to "hide under the covers." The implication could be that he does not intend to go peacefully.

"And for security reasons and law enforcement reasons, you don't want too much time between an indictment and surrender because that information will leak largely from Donald Trump, and he will try to gin up his supporters into violence because that's what he does," Agnifilo said. "That's what he did Jan. 6, that's what he will do here, that's why he said, I'm being arrested Tuesday, even though he knew he wasn't. He was trying to get people to protest and put pressure on the DA's office not to indict him. And I think he was also baiting the DA's office, frankly, to tell him when it was going to happen by saying it's going to be Tuesday. So, that's what I think is happening this weekend, and I think for security reasons, they are waiting until a closer in time to when he would surrender."

See the full segment with Agnifilo and former prosecutor Glenn Kirschner below or at the link here.

Former asst. district attorney says Trump is baiting Alvin Bragg with his fake arrest post