Trump rages at ‘sleazy’ Bob Woodward over new audiobook: ‘The tapes belong to me’
Bob Woodward and Donald Trump (Photos via screen capture and AFP)

Legendary Watergate reporter Bob Woodward recently announced that he would be releasing an audiobook filled with interviews he'd conducted with former President Donald Trump.

While speaking about this with Fox News' Brian Kilmeade on Friday, the twice-impeached former president fumed at Woodward and said he'd sue the reporter over the rights to the audio recordings he'd made of their conversations.

"In many ways I like the tapes, I insist on tapes, but I also say the tapes belong to me," Trump told Kilmeade. "That means Woodward has to get whatever deal he made, you know, we'll probably end up in litigation over it. Because we gave tapes for the written word, not tapes to sell."

After fuming more about Woodward, Trump told Kilmeade that "we've already hired the lawyers to sue him" and added that "Bob Woodward's a very sleazy guy."

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Earlier in the conversation, Trump also referred to reporter Jonathan Karl as a "sleazebag."

Listen to the excerpt below or at this link.