'Nobody's tougher': Listen to Trump brag to Woodward about overcoming his impeachment challenges
Gage Skidmore

On Tuesday evening, CNN aired “never been heard before” audio of legendary journalist Bob Woodward interviewing Donald Trump.

CNN gained exclusive access ahead of Woodward releasing his forthcoming audiobook “The Trump Tapes" which "contains the 20 interviews Woodward conducted with Trump from 2016 through 2020."

On Tuesday evening, CNN's Anderson Cooper played new audio from the tapes.

Cooper said, "what you'll hear tonight is striking. It speaks to who he was as president, who he is as a person, and how completely intertwined the personal and presidential were for him — and probably still are. Something that's not just apparent in what he says but even more so in how he says it, something the printed word just can't fully convey."

For analysis of the tapes, Cooper interviewed CNN's Jamie Gangel.

"It is Trump unvarnished, blunt, profane," Borger reported. "It will not surprise you that he attacks people he doesn't like and he boasts about himself over and over and over. But what's also revealing, Anderson, is how Trump seems to me to try to impress Bob Woodward, including at times telling him about classified information."

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Borger noted a recurring theme was Trump talking about his toughness, playing a clip of Trump with Woodard.

"There's nobody that's tougher than me," Trump said. "Nobody's tougher than me. I'm under impeachment and you said, you know, you just act like you just won the f*cking race. Nixon was in a corner with his thumb in his mouth. Bill Clinton took it very, very hard. I just do things, okay?"

Watch below or at this link:

Trump Tapes www.youtube.com