Trump is willing to 'burn the country down' if the DOJ doesn't back off: former attorney
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

According to one of Donald Trump's many former lawyers, the former president is not above holding the country hostage if the Department of Justice is making plans to indict him on a myriad of criminal charges.

Speaking with MSNBC host Ali Velshi, Michael Cohen suggested that the DOJ take a look at everywhere the former president has been since being ousted from office if they believe he is still hanging on to stolen government documents -- but he then issued a warning about how Trump could ultimately react.

"It's almost like 'Where's Waldo,'" Cohen explained. "Follow where Donald has gone every single day and those people, the ones that you have to speak to, you need to search those properties."

"But I believe, and I've been saying it all along, that he is going to use those documents as leverage. 'You want to mess with me, you want to play with me, you want to indict me?' This is how he thinks, like a mob boss."

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''''You want to come after me? I have top secret documents,' which say, hypothetically, the location of our nuclear silos. 'You really want that in the hands of Mohammed bin Salman, or Iran or North Korea, or any of other adversaries? I am willing to burn down the country because you are willing to burn me' -- that is how Donald Trump thinks," he suggested.

"Because a lot of people are thinking, and the way that we discussed sometimes, he's willing to burn down the Republican Party but it is actually substantially worse," host Velshi interjected.

"It is much bigger than the GOP, " Cohen agreed. "He will bring the whole country down because the country elected not to reinstate him as president of the United States. And so his ego, that fragile ego of his is so hurt that he's trying to make up offers-- so let's tear up the Constitution, let's reinstate me as president."

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