'Fred Trump would come out of his grave for this': Former Trump Org execs speak out on company's legal chaos
Donald Trump, left, with father Fred Trump (Screen cap).

In interviews with Bloomberg, former executives who worked at the Trump Organization expressed both dismay and disgust with the turn of events that led CFO Allen Weisselberg to be indicted on 15 felony charges.

As CBS reported, "The indictment alleged the company and Weisselberg orchestrated a scheme to funnel more than $1.7 million in untaxed 'indirect employee compensation' to the longtime executive beginning in 2005. Prosecutors said the Trump Organization failed to properly report the payments to tax authorities."

According to one former executive, Barbara Res, "This is it. I think that it's going to destroy the Trump empire."

Former executive vice president Louise Sunshine echoed those sentiments, telling Bloomberg's Max Abelson, "It's the beginning of the end of the brand," before sardonically adding, "Donald [Trump] will always survive -- even if everybody else around him drops dead."

Across the board, the executives praised Weisselberg and said his closeness to Trump was his downfall.

According to Abe Wallach, who worked for Donald Trump until 2002 as senior executive vice president for acquisitions and finance, "He [Weisselberg] stayed too close to the fire and he got burned. And that's true of lots of people. He was petrified of Donald. Allen's an accountant, a competent guy."

According to Sunshine, the CFO was put in place by Trump's father, Fred, explaining, "His father put him there to check up on Donald. I'll tell you, Fred Trump would come out of his grave for this."

With Res adding, "He called Donald 'Mr. Trump,' which none of us did. On a personal level, it's too long ago that I stopped feeling sorry for Allen," Wallach has the final say on Donald Trump, explained, "I thought he had the luck of the gods" and "always landed on his feet," before adding , "I don't know anymore."

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