Trump cheered on MAGA rioters -- then called them 'idiots' after they made him look bad: Michael Wolff

A new book from journalist Michael Wolff claims that former President Donald Trump was initially enthusiastic about his supporters storming the Capitol on January 6th -- only to turn on them after he realized how terrible they were making him look.

New York Magazine has published an excerpt from Wolff's latest book -- titled Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency -- in which Wolff explains Trump's belated realization that the people rioting on his behalf at the Capitol were going to permanently and negatively define his legacy.

Trump initially thought the mob of supporters attacking the Capitol were "his people" and thus worth backing in their quest to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

"It wasn't until later in the three o'clock hour that Trump seemed to begin the transition from seeing the mob as people protesting the election — defending him so he would defend them — to seeing them as 'not our people,'" Wolff writes.

However, Trump was still reluctant to put out a public statement condemning the rioters because he didn't think he bore any responsibility for their actions.

Trump loyalist Jason Miller, however, finally convinced Trump that he had to distance himself from the riots and commit to leaving the White House after President Joe Biden's inauguration.

At the same time, Trump wasn't convinced that the rioters were really his supporters and said they must have been Democratic infiltrators.

"This looks terrible," Trump said. "This is really bad. Who are these people? These aren't our people, these idiots with these outfits. They look like Democrats."

Read the whole excerpt here.