Nikki Haley called out for treating Trump 'like a baby' while working for him by NYT reporter
President Trump. (AFP)

Former Donald Trump United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley threw her former boss under the bus in an interview when she told Politico reporter Tim Alberta that Republicans "shouldn't have followed" former President Donald Trump in his quest to overturn the 2020 election.

Despite Haley's acknowledgement, she nonetheless added some qualifiers to her criticism of the president, as she said that Trump genuinely "believes he was wronged" and wasn't deliberately fabricating charges of voter fraud.

This caught the eye of New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who accused Haley and other Trump staffers of treating him like an overgrown child rather than an adult.

"The thing about Haley saying Trump believes what he's saying as an excuse for the words is perpetuation of something a number of Trump aides/advisers have done, which is treat him like a baby," Haberman wrote on Twitter. "Treating him like a kid who doesn't know any better was a rationalization that several of his aides made to reconcile staying in the job."

Haberman also appeared on CNN Friday to talk about new revelations about Trump's battle with the novel coronavirus, which hit the former president much harder than had initially been reported.

Toward the end of the segment, she recounted how Trump completely lost interest in performing his duties as president after losing the election in November.

"He had the ability to focus on the vaccine, to focus on distribution, to focus on public information about the vaccine, to do PSAs, to tell people to get this vaccine that he had been talking about for months ahead of the election as the most important thing," she said. "He totally lost interest once he lost the election and that is really unfortunate for the American people."

Watch the video below.