Trump lawyer dropped 'loser' argument after DC Judge Chutkan rolled her eyes and put 'her face in her hands': Guardian reporter
Judge Tanya Chutkan (Historical Society of the D.C. Circuit)

During an appearance on MSNBC's "The Katie Phang Show" on Saturday morning, Hugo Lowell of the Guardian claimed lawyers for Donald Trump got off to a rough start with Judge Tanya Chutkan during a hearing Friday afternoon.

According to the reporter who was in Chutkan's courtroom on Friday for the start of a trial where the judge laid down the law about how she will conduct his trial on charges related to his attempts to subvert the 2020 election, the judge at one point put her face in her hands as accusations were made against the Joe Biden administration for "coming after" the ex-president.

Asked by host Phang about the "body language" of Trump and the judge during the proceedings, Lowell stated Chutkan was clearly unhappy with the former president's lawyers harping on the fact that the trial would impact their client's third presidential campaign.

"The judge was sympathetic to some of the Trump lawyers' arguments. They were making the case, that you know, being a defense lawyer is difficult, especially with a client like Trump and I think she kind of accepted that. She has a defense background herself," he explained.

"But at other times I think she kind of grew exasperated by all the discussions about politics. At one point she had her face in her hands and rolled her eyes when there was another discussion about the Biden Administration coming after Trump," he continued. "So I think Trump's lawyer John Lauro picked up on that a little bit, and shifted course at the hearing."

"So clearly that was something he thought was gonna be a loser and changed tack," he added.

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