Trump can't act like 'Conan the Magnificent' and declare stolen documents unclassified: George Conway
Donald Trump / AFP PHOTO / Paul J. Richards

On CNN Monday, attorney George Conway demolished the arguments by former President Donald Trump's legal team arguing about the classification status of the documents seized by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago.

All of this comes as Trump's legal team responds to the Justice Department's efforts motions in the legal case that led to a right-wing judge putting the whole investigation on hold. In that filing, Trump's lawyers opposed the DOJ's recommended appointees for a special master, among other things.

"I also want to ask you a little bit more about this back and forth between the Justice Department and former President Trump's lawyer having to do the search of Mar-a-Lago," said anchor John Berman. "There are some legal arguments being made by Trump's lawyers, and one of them is that the Justice Department hasn't proven that the documents seized are in fact classified. What do you make of that argument?"

"Again, it is a function of the concept that the president of the United States cannot somehow act like Conan the Magnificent and hold documents and declare them declassified," said Conway, whose wife was one of the former president's top legal advisers.

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On the contrary, argued Conway, the law is very clear that even if Trump did declassify the documents, it's not relevant to the specific DOJ powers they are complaining about.

"The statutes that were invoked to support the search warrant don't require classification, and the subpoena where they produced documents and failed to produce them all back in the summer requires the production of all documents with classification markings whether in fact they remained classified," continued Conway. "It is completely irrelevant and is based upon a fallacious presumption."

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George Conway says Trump can't act like "Conan the Magnificent"