Trump 'knows what’s coming': Michael Cohen
Donald Trump (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

Former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman and Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen met on Monday on MSNBC to discuss recent comments from Trump ally Robert Costello.

Host Ari Melber played a clip of Trump's lawyer Joe Tacopina, who spoke last week to MSNBC.

"Shame on Joe Tacopina," said Cohen. "First and foremost, was there no fraud in the medallions? I don't know what he's talking about. Second of all, this whole thing of lying and my credibility, I've even said this to you and to others on this station, what did I lie about? And the lie to congress on the 1001 violation I pled guilty, was the number of times I spoke to Donald Trump about the failed real estate project at the direction of, and for the benefit of, and in coordination with Donald Trump. I said three, and the real answer was ten and if you think that will stop [District Attorney] Alvin Bragg or anyone on using me on credibility? It's not. And there are so many things that not only will come up, but have already drip, drip, dripped out regarding credibility, testified before seven congressional committees, the attorney general, the district attorney and Mueller, not one person has turned around so far and said that anything that I told them has not been accurate and truthful and relevant to the investigation."

Cohen went on to say that when he heard that Trump was announcing his own arrest, "This is really panic and fear. He knows what's coming on Tuesday, Wednesday, whatever. He knows what's coming down the pike, and what he's trying to do is trying to get the advanced jump on to the story. We did the exact same thing at the Trump University case with Schneiderman when we found out he was filing and before he filed, we jumped on to it, and it's a typical jump play."

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Akerman agreed, saying that nothing Cohen said before is relevant.

"If you go to the jury, the prosecutors are not presenting Michael Cohen as a choir boy. Sure, he lied before, but he lied for this defendant who is sitting in the dock, and if you look at the other evidence and you look into the do you mean and you take into account the other testimony you will conclude that Michael Cohen is telling the truth, and the key is the corroboration and the support that they have that what Michael is saying is absolutely spot on."

See the clip below or at the link here.

'This is really panic and fear — he knows what’s coming': Cohen says of Trump