‘The US Capitol is now on lockdown’: Police bar the doors as Trump supporters storm the building

Chaos erupted at the United States Capitol on Wednesday as supporters of Donald Trump refused to accept the fact he lost the 2020 presidential election.

Following a lie-filled speech from Trump, his supporters attempted to storm the Capitol. The Cannon congressional office building and the Madison building were both evacuated.

"The US Capitol is now on lockdown," CNN's Kaitlan Collins reported.

"A security alert just blared through the press gallery telling people to stay away from windows and doors," HuffPost's Igor Bobic reported. "Apparently they just closed the iron doors at the front of the Capitol."

Some protesters have made their way inside the building:

Axios correspondent Alayna Treene reported the plan to lock down the Senate chamber.

LA Times correspondent Sarah Wire reports the entire Capitol complex is locked down.