'Wrong, crazy, dangerous': CNN legal analyst aghast by Trump call to 'terminate' Constitution
Former federal prosecutor Elie Honig appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday said it was necessary to "terminate" the United States Constitution to restore him back in power, and he left CNN legal analyst Elie Honig aghast.

During a discussion with Honig on CNN, host Jim Acosta described Trump's Truth Social post as "just more desperation," as he noted that there is no mechanism in the Constitution to "reinstate" Trump to the White House.

Honig, however, said that Trump's ravings were dangerous even if they had no chance of becoming a reality.

"I guess I will just summarize, in response to Donald Trump's statement, to say that virtually every word of that statement is wrong, crazy and dangerous," he said. "I mean the only accurate thing Donald Trump says is that to do what he is recommending would require termination of the constitution which, of course, would leave us without a democracy."

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Acosta then editorialized to say that the Trump statement demonstrated his "hostility to the American way of life and democracy in this country."

"It is a reminder of what the country was going through around January 6th," the CNN host added.

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'Wrong, crazy, dangerous': L{egal analyst aghast by Trump call to 'terminate' Constitution www.youtube.com