Bombshell report says Trump 'directed' Rudy Giuliani to call DHS and ask about seizing voting machines
Rudy Giuliani/Donald Trump -- Fox News screenshot/AFP

An explosive new report from the New York Times claims that former President Donald Trump "directed" one-time attorney Rudy Giuliani to call the Department of Homeland Security and enquire about seizing voting machines.

Giuliani followed through with Trump's request, only to be informed that DHS lacked the legal authority to seize the machines.

The request to Giuliani came after Trump allies Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell pushed him to order the American military to seize the machines, a move that Giuliani "vehemently opposed," according to the Times' sources.

Specifically, Giuliani told Trump that he should not use the military unless there was clear-cut evidence of foreign interference in the election, which Powell insisted that she had obtained even though multiple courts determined that she had not.

Trump ultimately heeded Giuliani's advice and did not sign the order.

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In addition enquiring about DHS seizing the machines, Trump also reportedly asked then-Attorney General Bill Barr about the Department of Justice impounding them, which Barr immediately shot down.

The Times writes that this new information shows "that Mr. Trump was more directly involved than previously known in exploring proposals to use his national security agencies to seize voting machines as he grasped unsuccessfully for evidence of fraud that would help him reverse his defeat in the 2020 election."