Internet blasts Trump's CPAC speech as 'laying the framework for more violence' around election lies

President Donald Trump's speech to CPAC surprised audiences as he called for an end to "cancel culture" and then listed off GOP Senators and House members that he wanted to cancel.

Trump also demanded that there be restrictions on voting so that fewer Americans are able to access the polls, which would give Republicans a better shot at winning.

At the start of his speech, Trump also appeared to accidentally congratulate current President Joe Biden for his record-setting stock market numbers. He also suggested that he withheld foreign aid to countries by lying to them about needs they must meet first. Then once those demands were met, Trump said he still refused to release the money.

It was a speech that lasted well over an hour and served as a reminder of what Americans are missing without Trump on television each day.

Trump was mocked for a few moments of short-circuiting:

But the most shocking moments came when Trump perpetuated his conspiracy theories and, as Tom Nichols said, laid the foundation for further violence.

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