'King of the double indictment': Historian heaps scorn on Trump's legacy
Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

Rice University Historian Douglas Brinkley on Monday heaped scorn on former President Donald Trump and predicted he would go down as the most criminal of all American presidents.

Appearing on CNN, Brinkley broke down past presidents or presidential candidates who have faced legal consequences, including Eugene Debs and former President Bill Clinton.

However, he said that neither of those men had anything on what Trump is facing.

"What's happening here to Donald Trump is that he is going to be indicted, as an ex-president, it looks like, on a number of felony charges with Stormy Daniels just leading the pack," he said, referring to potential indictments related to Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election and his mishandling of top-secret government documents. "It's all unsavory, it's all confusing. My fear is that there's so many coming around him at once people are going to simply think it's a political takedown."

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Brinkley emphasized, however, that these indictments are a reaction to Trump's unprecedented behavior.

"We've never had a president like Trump before, one without military service, one that claimed... to be a businessperson, but really just ran his own father's operation and expanded it," he said. "You know, he is the king of the double impeachment and very likely he will be the first, you know, originator of the double indictment."

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