Trump insider 'worried' and sees 'possibility' of criminal charges: report
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

According to a report from the HuffPost, political observers believe the televised Jan 6th hearings are "moving the needle," on the public perception that Donald Trump not only committed crimes when he attempted to subvert the results of the 2020 presidential election but that he could actually be charged.

After five public hearings so far -- with more on the horizon -- S.V Date wrote that the hearings, which one conservative called "incredibly well-executed," has one Trump insider admitting that the former president could be in real trouble.

According to former senior Justice Department prosecutor Mary McCord, "Given the ubiquity of commentary about the evidence being presented during the hearings, whether on the news, social media or at the water cooler, it would be hard not to be exposed to it at least to a limited extent. This has the potential to move the needle a bit for people who aren’t firmly in the Trump camp already, possibly viewing more skeptically those who seek to downplay Jan. 6 and the involvement of others that led to it.”

Former senior aide to Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (R) agreed, adding, "People are familiar with what happened on Jan. 6 but millions of people are tuning into the hearings and finding out why it did. The hearings provide a chance for the public to rethink these events and change their minds, given all the new information.”

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After writing, "The hearings are doing a good job laying out the various laws Trump appears to have broken as he tried to remain in power despite his election loss," Date quoted former prosecutor Glenn Kirschner predicting, "I suspect, when it’s all said and done, we will learn that DOJ has been investigating in far-reaching fashion all along."

That has one Trump adviser, who asked to not be identified, admitting things are not going well for the former president.

"One top Trump adviser said he worried that the hearings are making criminal charges against Trump seem more justified and therefore, in his view, more likely. 'That is a possibility,' he said on condition of anonymity," Date wrote before adding that investigators are becoming less worried that "Trump’s open threat to create civil unrest as a societal cost for prosecutors to consider when deciding to charge him may, in the end, fail to be the deterrent he might have hoped."

The report adds, "... legal experts, including former prosecutors, said the facts laid out by the committee would absolutely support criminal charges against Trump himself, given the testimony of top White House and campaign aides telling Trump he had lost the election and that his efforts to overturn that loss were both illegal and unconstitutional."

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