Trump's 'super-loyalists' are forming a 'secession-from-reality' cult: experts

On Saturday, The Guardian reported that political experts and strategists are concerned that pro-Trump forces will form a "cult" that will long outlast the outgoing president — and define U.S. politics for years to come.

"Maverick super-loyalists to Donald Trump are set to make an audacious spectacle in Washington next week by voting against the formal counting of electoral college votes certifying Joe Biden's victory," reported Edward Helmore. "While the tactic by outliers won't be enough to stop Biden becoming the 46th president, it will serve to disrupt Congress, bolster Trump and establish an acidic tone to political co-operation with the incoming Democratic administration."

Republicans expect as many as 140 members in the House could formally seek to overturn President-elect Joe Biden's Electoral College win — a move that would not go anywhere, but still signifies hostility towards democracy and the rule of law.

Pete Wehner, a conservative evangelical and former George W. Bush adviser who has long been critical of Trump and his influence on the GOP, warned this is an ominous sign. "It's an indication that this is a secession-from-reality caucus," said Wehner. "It's illiberal, anti-democratic, pernicious and widespread in the Republican party. It's not just a closing act for the Trump-era but an opening act for the post-Trump era. It's virtue-signaling to the base that after Trump leaves, these people still consider themselves to be Trump acolytes and part of the cult of Trump."

Yale political science professor Jim Sleeper agreed, saying that the trend of Republicans towards rejecting and limiting democracy could be incredibly damaging. "It's part of a creeping coup d'etat that we've seen Trump going along with in his own loopy-minded way," he said.

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