Capitol cop who revealed lawmakers' location may have fallen into Trump 'cult': report
Rioters clash with police trying to enter Capitol building through the front doors. (lev radin /

A special agent in the U.S. Capitol Police department is accused of revealing the secure location to which lawmakers were evacuated on Jan. 6 — to a longtime friend who feared the officer had "fallen" into the "cult" led by former president Donald Trump.

The unidentified special agent, who works in the department's Protective Services Bureau, is among six USCP officers who face possible discipline for their actions on Jan. 6. He is accused of improper dissemination of information, according to a report from McClatchy News, which obtained internal investigation documents.

"The allegation stems from a conversation the officer had with a friend the week after the riot in which he allegedly revealed information about the secure location he helped evacuate lawmakers to during the riot," McClatchy reported. "The friend, who is referred to as 'ANONYMOUS' in the documents, called the FBI tip line to report the conversation and expressed concerns that the agent subscribed to Trump's election conspiracy theories."

"I don't want to report a friend of forty years but he's says enough concerning statements that I feel like I need to do this... he's just fallen into this cult and these beliefs," the anonymous friend told Capitol police.

The agent reportedly denied the "cult" allegation — saying he was not sympathetic to the cause of the rioters — but he acknowledged he may have inadvertently shared information about the secure location.

"I can't say one hundred percent that I didn't do what you're telling me I did," the agent told investigators.