Trump's 'desperation' is beginning to show: GOP campaign consultant
Donald Trump (Photo by Micholas Kamm for AFP)

According to a key Republican Party campaign consultant with ties to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Donald Trump is a weakened presence within the party and his ugly attack on Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) this past week is a sign he knows he's faltering.

During a panel discussion on CNN's "State of the Union," GOP adviser Scott Jennings hammered the former president and said it was obvious that the Florida governor's rise in the polls is getting under Trump's skin.

He then focused on DeSantis growing public battles with the former president, including the former president suggesting the Florida Republican is a "groomer" in a Truth Social post.

"DeSantis had a little interesting moment," Jennings told CNN host Jake Tapper. "Trump was attacking him over Covid and said some very dishonest things about what DeSantis had done as governor on Covid policy. And then DeSantis kind of responds to it -- doesn't mention Trump by name -- but he said, 'I did what I did and other people did what they did, and you can look at the electoral results of that.'"

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"It was sort of perfect," he added. "And I think the reason he got that right, because don't discount the fact that DeSantis, since he's become governor, has been attacked by the media and Democrats and, you know, you name it, every single day since he's been in office."

"So he has been trained to some degree here to engage in this pugilism, not with Trump yet, but there is some muscle memory for that and he has great instincts. And so, already, I think he's handled Trump fine."

"And the desperation of that smear that you talked about? I actually think it helped DeSantis, because it shows just how weak is the position that I think Trump knows he's in right now," he added.

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