Biden acknowledges that Trump didn't buy enough vaccines to save Americans
Joe Biden

Former President Donald Trump announced last year that he was buying 100 million vaccinations from Pfizer and 100 million vaccinations from Moderna. At the time, it prompted questions from reporters who knew that the American population is over 330 million people and two shots are needed for the virus.

The predicament left incoming President Joe Biden to admit to Americans that there weren't enough vaccinations purchased. In an announcement to the press on Tuesday, Biden said that he would purchase at least 200 million more doses as soon as they're available. His goal, he said is to have the full amount needed by this summer.

In Dec. 2020, it was revealed that Trump was offered more vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna and refused them.

It's still unknown why the former White House refused to buy enough vaccines for all Americans.

See Biden's press conference below:

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