Legal expert: Trump DOJ official agreed to push 'coup from inside' so he could succeed Barr
US president Donald Trump. Photograph: Mandel Ngan/AFP

According to CNN legal analyst Elie Hoenig, Jeffrey Clark -- who served as the acting Asst. Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division under former President Donald Trump -- was "auditioning" to replace outgoing Attorney General Bill Barr by agreeing to push the former president's accusation that the 2020 presidential election was corrupt.

According to an ABC investigation earlier this week, Clark attempted to convince the Georgia General Assembly to throw out the results of the race and award the state's electoral votes to Trump in a letter that was quashed by other senior attorneys at the DOJ.

Hoenig, while suggesting who from the DOJ should be made to appear before the House select committee on the January 6th Capitol riot, claims that Clark was trying to gain Trump's favor in an effort to move up to the top of the ranks.

"Clark was trying to run the coup from inside DOJ," Hoenig accused. "He was connecting with Trump trying to get them to send this crazy letter to Georgia which he refused to do. Jeffrey Clark tried to take over."

"We heard people talk publicly about this, meaning it happened at the White House, which people have said was like the game show 'The Apprentice,'" Hoenig continued, before adding that Clark was saying "... choose me! I have your back on election fraud, choose me!"

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