Former FBI agent guesses DOJ never found an answer about Trump's alleged financial crimes in Italy
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Former special counsel John Durham and Attorney General Bill Barr never revealed to the public what came of the revelations that the Italian government had suspicions about financial crimes allegedly committed by former President Donald Trump. Barr also asked Italy to discredit the Russia investigation.

Speaking to MSNBC about the information, former FBI agent Peter Strzok demanded to know what happened to the investigation, what was found and whether there were charges that would surface from the revelations.

"If I had to bet you a bottle of wine it would be that they never got to an answer that somehow," said Strzok. "Look, when we set up [special counsel Robert] Mueller's team we thought we had a team of 40 investigators including a whole pack of really qualified financial forensic accountants who came in and we used to tell them, Andrew Weissmann when he was going after Paul Manafort and others, that was hard, complicated financial work. Trump's finances are orders of magnitude more complex than anything Paul Manafort ever did. John Durham's team, the most I've seen reported is he had at most eight, ten personnel. Certainly without any of the same sort of financial expertise that Mueller did."

He said that it begs the question "what happened? What's the resolution?"

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"Again, I'm willing to bet you the resolution was we couldn't figure this out because it was too hard," Strzok guessed. "And time and time again, like everybody that bumps their head up against the Trump financial empire, it is so big, so opaque, so apparently corrupt that is hard as an investigator to get your head around the facts and prove something out."

The House Democrats have asked for a probe into the Durham investigation.

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Former FBI agent guesses the Trump DOJ never found an answer about Trump financial crimes