Donald Trump
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump was up at 1 a.m. on Wednesday going on a furious tirade about being found liable for sexually abusing and defaming journalist E. Jean Carroll.

Writing on his Truth Social website, the former president attacked both the judge who oversaw the case and the jurors who rendered the verdict against him.

"The partisan Judge & Jury on the just concluded Witch Hunt Trial should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for allowing such a travesty of Justice to take place," the former president wrote in one post.

In a follow-up message, Trump singled out Judge Lewis Kaplan for additional abuse.

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"This Clinton appointed Judge, Lewis Kaplan, hated President Donald J. Trump more than is humanly possible," he fumed. "He is a terrible person, completely biased, and should have RECUSED himself when asked to do so. He quickly refused! This case should never have been allowed to be tried in this completely partisan venue, perhaps the worst for me in the Nation! The whole Rigged Hoax is yet another TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE, a continuation of the greatest political Witch Hunt of all time!!!"

The Carroll verdict is just the tip of the iceberg of Trump's legal problems.

He also faces a civil lawsuit over allegedly fraudulent business practices from New York Attorney General Letitia James; criminal charges related to his hush-money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels; two different investigations into his efforts to illegally remain in power after losing the 2020 election to President Joe Biden; and an investigation into his decision to stash top-secret government documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort.