This last week 'laid bare' what a 'scumbag' Trump is: Rick Wilson
Donald Trump (Photo by Nicholas Kamm for AFP)

During an appearance on MSNBC's "The Saturday Show," former GOP strategist Rick Wilson said the double whammy of Donald Trump's $5 million sexual abuse and defamation courtroom loss this week and his demeanor on a CNN town hall devoted to him the next night exposed him as the "scumbag" he is.

Speaking with host Jonathan Capehart, Wilson — a frequent and vociferous critic of the former president — lambasted Trump in no uncertain terms.

"The intention on the segment about the no-good, very-bad week that Donald Trump has had, and the conversation we are having, at least you are part of the conversation is, when it comes to the primary fight, it's not bad at all," host Capehart prompted. "I'm wondering, Rick, does it mean that it's bad for him when it comes to the general election? That is the big fear."

"I think this week, both in the demonstrations of what kind of — well I don't even know what to call him a man — what kind of a scumbag the guy really is," Wilson shot back.

"That was really laid bare both in the E. Jean Carroll verdict and in the [CNN] town hall," he continued. "I think for the general election, this does it make it more likely to do the things my team at the Lincoln Project has been successful at doing of peeling off Republican voters who can't handle the revolting character of Trump. Who can't handle being in the party that says he will pardon the January 6th terrorists. That being in a party where he has an audience clapping while he jokes about committing sexual assault.

"We believe for the general election, Trump's poisoning the well more and more every day," he added. "And the primary race ending sooner, means we will have to get to work many months ahead of where everybody thought."

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