'I'll be suing her very strongly': New deposition transcripts show Trump threatening E. Jean Carroll
Composite image of Donald Trump and E. Jean Carroll (screengrabs)

A new batch of excerpts from former President Donald Trump's testimony in the E. Jean Carroll lawsuit were released on Wednesday and they showed the former president threatening legal actions against both Carroll and her attorneys.

During the testimony, an attorney representing Carroll asked Trump why he lashed out at her in a post he made on Truth Social, and Trump responded by once again launching personal attacks against Carroll, as he said there was "something wrong" with her mentally.

Trump then proceeded to make threatening statements.

"I will sue her after this is over, and that's the thing I really look forward to doing," he said. "And I'll sue you too because this is -- how many cases do you have? Many, many cases, and I know the statements that were made -- that you made. 'Keep Trump busy because this is the way you defeat him, to keep him busy with litigation.' So I will be suing you also, but I'll be suing her very strongly as soon as this [is over]."

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In previously released excerpts of Trump's deposition in the case, the former president described Carroll as a "nut job" and said she was "mentally sick."