Trump's lawyers 'should be alarmed' by his 'undisciplined' deposition eruption: legal expert
Donald Trump (Photo by Mandel Ngan fpor AFP)

According to portions of Donald Trump's deposition that are part of a lawsuit filed against him by E. Jean Carroll, the former president was combative when questioned and made more defamatory comments about the writer which should be cause for concern for his lawyers.

According to MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin, Trump's demeanor when forced to answer questions could lead to more civil suits because potential opposing counsels can now see how "undisciplined " he is when cornered.

As Rubin told host Chris Hayes, "This is a person who is, thoroughly, to use your word, undisciplined, through and through. That should scare us for a number of reasons. Number one, because he was the president of the United States and we know how capable he was during his presidency of this lack of discipline. Two, because he is the declared candidate again, for president of the United States."

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"Three, the lack of discipline here should be alarming to his lawyers if no one else, because he is likely to be sued again by other people if E. Jean Carroll succeeds, for claims against them since he was president, and she's got a trial date for April 17th". she added.

"If he can be sued for defamation by an ordinary citizen like E.Jean Carroll, he can be sued by defamation for example, by Ruby Freeman, the Georgia election worker, against whom he has redoubled an attack just last week, not once, not twice, but three times."

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